About NAMC

How was NAMC formed?

As the founder let me, Bernie Kranz, explain. I retired mid-2007 at the age of 63 from a 39 year professional and corporate career. When my wife and I relocated to Atlanta in 2003. I naturally continued to focus on my career while my wife became an active member in several North Atlanta clubs and organizations, in order to get involved in the community and to develop new friendships. As a result of her efforts, I have been fortunate to become friends with many of our current members, who in return recruited other current members.

During those 39 years, like many of you, my focus was work and family, with minimal free time for myself. When I hit my 50’s, I was fortunate to be involved in community service. When I retired, although I loved my new 4 days a week “job” trimming the grass and digging holes in the sand, as I tried to attain a respectable golf handicap, I recognized and admired what my wife and her friends accomplished, for the community and socially through their various organizations. I decided I wanted to utilize my new freedom to explore more socialization and to re-engage in giving back to the community.

After several discussions with friends, I invited prospective members to the first General Meeting brunch at the end of September 2007, to share and discuss my vision and proposals for the club. Late October, at the second General Meeting, the club framework was finalized, including a calendar of Camaraderie Activities. In essence that is the history of how I formed the club.

How is NAMC organized?

                   As stated in the By-Laws, the Board of Directors is comprised of:

                        President (elected by the membership)
                            Marv Davis
                        Vice-President (elected by the membership)
                            Tom Ulbricht

                        Secretary (elected by the membership)
                            Sid Newman
                        Treasurer (elected by the membership)
                            Mal Roseman

                        Parliamentarian (past President)
                            Peter Jedel                       

                        Camaraderie Committee Chairman (appointed by the President)
                            Steve Damsker

                        Community Committee Chairman (appointed by the President)
                            Paul McNaughton

                        Communication Committee Chairman (appointed by the President)
                           Marv Mazer

                        Membership Services Committee Chairman (appointed by the President)
                           Larry Koslow

The Camaraderie Committee focuses on selecting and planning activities for the following

                           Sports and Outdoor Activities                                                                              

                           Table Games


                           Other Activities                               

                           Future Activities                 

The Community Committee conducts the evaluation of community service organizations and recommends organizations and community service activities for NAMC support, based on membership interests and capabilities. The committee coordinates the club’s community services calendar and membership participation. In accordance with the club’s mission and objective, “to give back to the community”, the club recommends that each member commit to a minimum of 25 hours of community service annually, whether a community service of their choosing and/or a member’s participation in the club’s selected community service activities.

The Communication Committee publishes the monthly newsletter and operates the website.

The Membership Services Committee assists members to achieve each member's goals with respect to the Club and "oversight" of the Membership Services provided to the members. These services include Oreintation, Good and Welfare, Members Helping Members and Community Walk.

Members, in addition to their role as Ambassador to recruit prospective members, volunteer to lead various Sub-Committees, coordinate and assist with the activities.

Why join NAMC?

Whether you are retired or not, if you want to develop friendships and have the best time of your life and at the same time, give back to the community…you should consider becoming a formal prospective member.

The process of becoming a prospective member begins by being nominated by a current member.  If you have any questions about NAMC or membership, please contact Marv Mazer by email at marvman@aol.com.

On behalf of the NAMC Board and our membership, we welcome you to explore this website.