@ 2011 Daniel Leffman
Community Committee
Larry Brown, Chairman

Suported OrganizationCommittee Member Coordinator
Alanta Community Food BankAl Finfer, Harvey Brightman
Camp SunshineBernie Kranz, Alan Kessler
Children's Health Care of Atlanta Paul McNaughton, Alan Mintz
Community Assistance Center    Alan Mintz, Larry Brown
Drake House     Paul McNaughton, Richard Wolownik
Foster Care Support Foundation Richard Wolownik, Bernie Kranz
Lekotek Marty Rotter, Al Finfer
USO Dick Fenster

Community Committee Roles and Responsibilities:

·         “Oversight” and “facilitation” of club member services to the Community

·         Conducts the evaluation of community service organizations and recommends organizations and community service       
          activities for NAMC support

·         Coordinates the club’s community services calendar and membership participation

NAMC Member Roles and Responsibilities:

Giving back to the community is one of the two pillars of the NAMC.  Just as it is all NAMC members' responsibility
to have the best time of their lives, it is also their responsibility to give back to their community.  The NAMC provides many ways for its memebrs to give back to thecommunity in a group setting (at least six NAMC member participants).

How to recommend a New Community Service Organization for NAMC Consideration

The Community Committee is seeking new community service organization suggestions for NAMC group events. Below are the  criteria the NAMC Community Committee established:
  • Not-For-Profit, Non-Religious Organization
  • Community Service Organization does not have its own members
  • NAMC Community Service is Project/Event based
  • Requires minimal training
  • No long term commitment

Please send your Community Service Organization recommendations to Larry Brown and Alan Kessler. Memebers' suggestions will be reviewed, investigated and decided upon by the Community Committee.